A shout out to all Freelancers

Disclaimer: This article is just a product of my thoughts. I’m in no way demeaning anyone. So I’ve just started freelancing and putting myself out there is not easy. Trying to get work through the sources¬† I have access at this point in my life. We tend to meet different types of ppl from various industries, but at the end of it all, most of them lead to events which I’m into. In the beginning, all of the ppl behave really well, friendly, properly and most of them are always well behaved.¬† Then all of a sudden after a few … Continue reading A shout out to all Freelancers

Walking into the unknown

So I was sick for a while now so I was and still am in Donapaula. My mom decided to pay my aunt a visit and I tagged along. We spoke about my cousin’s upcoming wedding and in the evening decided to go for a walk in their neighborhood. That was one lonnnnggggg walk! It seemed like I walked after ages. Taking into consideration, I wasn’t quite well, that walk did me good. I surprised myself that I had it in me to walk that much! And yes, I kept stopping on the way just to capture the beauty of … Continue reading Walking into the unknown