A birthday well celebrated

So for the 1st time I celebrated my birthday at my workplace. Like I literally cut the cake and had fun at the studio.

28th April 2018 is a day worth remembering as I also attended a fellow Photographer’s wedding on my birthday.

And Sunday was more fun! Funday at the beach with my mother and sister.


A SHOE shoppers delight

So while in Mumbai, a few days after I shopped for make up, I also did shoe shopping at Vile Parle. I had gone with a woman I met at the hotel

for a meeting in the afternoon, so we had 🍕 for lunch

The friend I met

and after that, the person dropped me off to Irla for some shopping.

This pair was for 700
This was free with black pair
This I got for 1200

All the above pairs were from the shop named Ava. I was afraid of running out of cash so didn’t buy anything else although I had my eyes on a very Fashionable top and the material from which the top was made also was so soft! Hopefully, next, on my next trip, I’ll buy that too. Anyways these were the three products that I shopped.

If you’re a girl, you’ve definitely give shoe shopping. So comment on what kinda shoes you’ve shopped for and if you liked my choice of shoes.

Makeup Mania

Remember I had said I want to start using make-up and know how to do my own thing, I now have the sources to look flawless.

I had gone to Crawford market on 3rd April and bought a purse to replace the one I was using. And then I checked the hawks that sold makeup on the street there.

I originally went there to buy myself an eyeliner but ended up buying all the make-up that I didn’t have. Like Primer, Foundation, Concealer etc. So now that I have all of that it’s only a matter of time when I get perfect doing my own make-up in a better way.

Therefore starts my Make-up journey. With the help of Shreya Jains Videos on YouTube, I shall become familiar with makeup applying techniques

P.S – I haven’t added the eyeliner. Only things that I didn’t have has been put up

Another trip to Mumbai- Day 1 and 2

Hello people!!! Im sorry i have’nt been able to blog lately as my schedule has been uptight. So I flew to Bombay yesterday and had an amazing journey. Flew after a long time here to meet a few important people.

From the airport
on the run way
flying high
In the sky
Sky high
Landing in the Bay
The Airport


Yesterday was Sunday, I flew in Day before Yesterday which was 31st of March and spent most of it in the hotel. Met three cousins from Indore who apperently have a really big family which is what i figured from their talks. Then again, we Indians do have a big family….. atleast I thinkthe majority of us have.


And umm, yesterday I was out with a special person, and we visited the Powai Lake/Garden. Its really beautiful. Now although its mostly couples going there but still are childern , parents, the retired, and the Dancers.

and then there is this beautiful grafitti that adorn the walls of the Park, Check it out


Atthe Hotel





The Cafeteria
The Ladies Pod
My Pod


The Graffity



Beautiful Sunset



Note: All photo clicked above are from Asus MOBILE Camera and subject to copyright


I’ve been called noodles, curly….. Because of my curly hair! Off late it had become boring and to simple so I thought of getting a new hairstyle.

I went to this hairstylist after a year. A couple of years had past since I did my hair! And since I’m going to Mumbai again this month I thought of changing my look.

I went to Minette, and she along with her team gave me a fabulous hairstyle and colored my hair. I usually don’t do much in the parlor apart from the basics, but this time the process made me relax, and I felt good.

I feel good when I see my curls, and that I don’t have to do much to set my hair is a bonus. Who else feels this way? Comment below.