An artistic person, Are you?

This is my lifes journey.

Hello there, like all the other artistic people in the world I too started with reading , drawing and painting right from my childhood. Thanks to my mom and school I cultivated the reading habit with popular books which im sure you guys will be familiar with. Enyd Blyton, Tinkle, Goosebumps. Although i wasn’t quite good at drawing or painting for that matter but later down the road in life I discovered Photography.

It all started with the ‘the End of High School’. I noticed we did’nt have a camera so i asked mom about it and she handed me a film camera which actually was borrowed from my dads aunt. And so began my journey in Photography. I came across Smart , Better and Asian photography magazines in the Margao store and bought them of the shelf instantly. My initial learnings were from these magazines. Eventually after some persuation i managed to convince dad to allow me to do the basic course in Photography which again was in Margao. The name is Click school of Photography. So as the years past by I channelled my inner artist through photography. Little did i know,that there were more and better things coming my way. I then did a DTP course which didn’t seem to help much with my Photoshop and Corel draw skills at that time. But it helped in another area of my life.

It was a while until my dad created a whole new course for me with the help of influential men which was DTP again and mind you this time I actually enjoyed learning Corel draw and photoshop. The two teachers were excellent.

And then I went on to learn animation and it wasn’t so enticing when I reached the rigging section, instead I enjoyed building houses and decorating room in Maya and 3D Max. So I thought about this option for my career as I was still not clear about what I should do for my career. Then I heard this Photography and Video editing course being held so I took it up. I only regret on not learning the video part of it.

Anyways then I went on this trek and met a guy who was in this architectural kinda company designing furniture or whatever , I’m not clear on what exactly he does so he recommended that I see his boss. And I did go , only to be told I need to know about better softwares that the professionals use.  So I enrolled myself to learn AutoCAD 2D and 3D. And I learnt (and during this time I met a guy who later became my guy  😉)and went back to tell them that I’ve learnt the software only to be bombarded by information and to be told by the boss that I needed to do college in Architecture. I was like OMG! So much information! And decided to quit.

And so, still not knowing what to do I was still wandering until I met a photographer who had done a session with us in the Photography and Video editing course. I do not Wana take names so let’s just say Mr.X.

Mr.X hired me as his assistant after knowing about my love for Photography. He was my Guru, my friend and my confidant. I was quite comfortable talking to him about anything and so he one day casually asked me what exactly in Photography I  wanted to do. As by now I knew I wanted to be in Photography. He gave me a few options and I chose Fashion.

So the artist in me wanted to become a Fashion Photographer. See, Fashion was always with me right from my childhood, I just didn’t realise it. Once, when I was a child, was absolutely weak and unwell and had gone to this doctor who asked me my name and I innocently said Naomi Campbell. And yet another incident I did a ramp walk on stage for a small Fashion show that was held at Inox , again I was just a child. So some place in deep inside me ive always been coonected to Fashion. And so it was only natural that I chose the genre, or should I say the genre chose me.

Mr.X did teach me a few tidbits about Fashion but it felt like a jigsaw puzzle until i actually joined the Fashion photography course, it is then when those tidbits from Mr.X fell perfectly into place. And guess what?




I actually learnt how to sketch. i can sketch really well now. All thanks to Fashion mentor. Lets just call him Mr.Y. Now Mr.Y is quite the famous persona in Goa. Apart from being Famous , he’s also quite humble. Yes ,it is CMYK that imspeaking about.Maybe I can show you guys my sketches, although im no pro, but its suffice for showing the models their poses.

This post will have a sequal to it,as i dont wana make it anymore longer than it already has become. see ya soon


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