Unexpected life’s journey

Hello peeps, you guys enjoying your weekend? People normally party/travel or spend their leisure time doing whatever pleases them on weekends. My friend and me, on the contrary, travelled on weekdays.

It so happened that she got an off from work for 3 days and I wasn’t occupied with anything so we decided to travel. Since I have friends in Pune, we decided on Pune as we both were new to the place, we booked our bus on #Paytm and traveled in a sleeper coach. The travel was smooth.

Has it ever happened to you guys that you’ve gone to a new place and the minute you step there you have Auto wallas/ Rickshaw driver like hawks surrounding you? It happened to us. I tried to book an Ola to take us to the hotel my friend had suggested but one of the auto wallas just didn’t allow me. He kept insisting that I shouldn’t book and finally had his way.

First, we went to the hotel my friend suggested, since it was not yet empty we decided on another hotel and went there. As they say ‘expect the unexpected’. Something totally unexpected happened. I should have been aware but was a bit intimidated. Anyways what happened was that he asked for a bizarre amount of cash. It’s a different number I was later told and the auto walla fidgetted with the meter and made it more. Amount summed was 666 I gave him half on top of that he asked for his returning amount which was double.

We had no idea about such a thing existing and were shocked I just kept silent and said sorry that’s way too much. We can’t give anything more. And so he left. This was just the beginning. More bizarre incidents were yet to come our way.

So we checked in http://www.hotelsuryananda.com and chose the room. Our room was clean and well kept.

I would recommend this hotel to all travelers who are on a budget. The washroom does have a western lavatory and shower for bathing. What I missed was the hand shower. Anyways I enjoyed the hot water shower bath although it alternated between hot and cold. They also provide a basic small medimix soap and towel for both guests as u can see in the above image. Breakfast is complimentary for all the days one stays there. Everyday different breakfast, usually South Indian. So yeah, all you south Indians are in for a treat.

Since we reached in the morning we had our breakfast and decided to explore Pune on foot as we didn’t want to trust any auto walla.

So we began exploring Pune by visiting the famous , Dagdusheth Ganpati temple. It looks small from the outside and inside. The only thing that’s big is the Ganpati golden statue. It’s huge. I wish I could take a picture but it wasn’t allowed as there were policies inside the temple too. But the pundits there gave me the feeling, like as if I was in Bhutan. Those red robes of theirs

The above image of Lord Ganesha is not of inside the temple but from the nearby lane of stalls that were clustered on that filthy road. As it was raining and plastic bags were strewn about everywhere on the road, the rain water mixed with the plastic on the road made it a very filthy sight so much so that I never wanted to step in there. We crossed the filthy lane and came across an old structure which looked like it was built in Bajirao’s time as the road there was also named Bajirao road. I thought it looks to be interesting so I entered the area only to get startled by a drunkard behind me. Luckily my friend pulled me away from him. I had kept my umbrella nearby where people could sit. He caught sight of my umbrella and tried taking it, I grabbed it from him. And went at a distance. This happened after we explored the area. But there were a group of girls too on location but he didn’t seem interested in them. We pushed off from that site and started walking fast away from there. The drunkard followed us. By now we were spooked. We ran and he still followed. So I decided to change the course of direction by crossing the road. After crossing the road we weren’t followed. I was relieved.


We then decided to book an Ola auto to Khadakwasla dam.The auto took us to a certain point in the city beyond which the Oola company doesn’t provide their services. And this time the fare was reasonably a 170. He suggested we take a share auto – 6 seaters and go to the dam. So we did just that.

There’s nothing much to the dam. It’s just an open space area that has a wall built around it. And one can go near the water. Near the all small stalls have been put up like corn etc.

Then we decided to go see the Singhagad fort as we had already come quite far from the city. We took the same kinda auto, the 6 seater type and reached the foot of the fort where there were lodging and restaurants. We were supposed to go to the fort in a Bolero. Each seat is for INR 50. So we sat in a Bolero and the others were deciding on how to do the seating arrangements. My friend was almost getting crushed so we opted out and waited for the next Jeep. During our wait I spoke to my Pune friend and he told not to be In the fort after 4 as we were new to the place and just girls. So we waited till 2;00 afternoon and decided to go back to the hotel.

We took the local bus. Travelled 30 km from the foot of the fort to Appa Balwant Chowk.

The landscapes were just  some of the views from the bus. I’ll be uploading more that I clicked from the camera. We reached our hotel and I crashed. I was totally exhausted.

The next day I wokeup by 9:45 and went for breakfast as the breakfast time would end by 10:00. Had my breakfast came back to the room and napped for an hour. Again wokeup , I got ready and decided with her to go to Shaniwar wada and Laal Mahal. I’ve captured some interesting spaces at the fort with my camera which I will add by tomorrow. But for now it’s just the images I clicked from my phone.

Never thought I’d see a Bullock cart in a city.

And because Shaniwar wada is very much in the city and at walking distance from our hotel we chose to visit it. Atleast I got to visit one fort

And that’s my friend who I travelled with.


Once we were done touring the fort we went to visit the Laal Mahal as it was just opposite the fort but as luck would have it , it wasn’t accessable to people cause it was under repairs.

Then we headed to the Deccan mall walking. On the way these were some interesting sights on the road. The man below is selling a service wherein one can check the weight. I thought he sketched quite good so clicked him.

Deccan mall is an old one so most of the shops were empty. Only a few stalls were there and an eye wear store. Among the few stalls there was a Mehandi stall besides the escalator in a corner. Many girls applied Mehandi and so my friend decided on it and I encouraged her as she was a bit hesitant

And when we were waiting for it to dry I waited to meet my Pune friend and when he eventually arrived at the mall I thought we could catch up on a movie but none were available at that time. So we just chatted away for quite some time and then went to KFC for lunch. I had a burger and both my friends chatted in Marathi of which I could understand just a lil. After that we headed back to the hotel. After speaking to my friends on phone for a while we both went to sleep.

On the third day I wokeup late so I missed the breakfast which was anyways not to my taste. Upma/ Paratha was  on the menu. By 11:45 we checked out of the hotel and with our luggage we booked an Ola share cab and went straight to Aga Khan Palace.

History awaits us…….


And there’s more…..


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