Ho Ho Ho Santas Here

Let me begin by wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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This year has been amazing. I experienced a lot of new things and made new friends. I admit I’ve been lazy in the starting months but then things started popping up and life became a hell lot busy at the same time. Since IBFW, life took off at such speed that I rarely got time for myself. Can you believe, I still have to edit a lot of photos!…

What about Christmas do I tell you that you don’t already know, Lucky are those who get Christmas gifts even when they’re all grown up that all I’ve to say. I won’t give you another sermon, I’m sure you’ve all attended and heard the Priest preach.

The New Years approaching and I’ve a lot of things to do, Hopefully, my career will launch in this year And I will have a strong foothold in the industry. With a lot of hardwork and fingers crossed. I shall now end this post. Tadaa…

Keep blogging, Keep smiling …Stay Blessed, Muah.




IBFW- winter collection-2017

Be warned- Long post ahead. 

.So luckily this time I didn’t have to shell out money and got a media badge from the beautiful Rosemary. I’m very greatful to her for the favor.

The below photos are just a glimpse of the green room/makeup room

IBFW for one has had many awesome designers on the list. They had precisely 14 Designers on Day 1. Each of them had amazing concepts from which stemmed their collection of never seen before outfits. 

The first show of Anand Kabra saw beautiful vintage prints and vintage embroidery patches put together to create contemporary shapes. The color palette varies from ivory , black , red, ink and chartreuse. The collection will find destination wedding separates comprising of fabrics like chamfering, mals, satin, Georgette and silks. 

That was one show executed in a different and Unique Style. 

After his show we had a break of 15-20 which wasn’t exactly the case. During break time we mingled with as many as possible. Networking is the way to go in such events. As you get to meet the Designers, models and so on. 

Since the Show took place at Marriott’s I went ahead and clicked it as the backdrop.

As the time came near , there appeared to be a huge crowd that waited patiently for the doors of style to be opened. Although it did take a considerable amount of time before we were let in but thankfully media were let in first. 

With the second show about to commence everyone settled and waited patiently. This time a designer from Hyderabad named Vinisha Rao showcased her collection. It appears to be her debut in the world of Fashion. She has been a software developer in the US before finding her true passion and love for Fashion

Want to see more of her designs then head to Fabfranchelle25.com. Same goes for the other Designers collections. 

Next was Nazila Couture- Cake by the Ocean. The women’s collection was a series of airy fluid dresses with a touch of glamour with intricate but light embroidery

Now I can’t really fit everything in one post and even if I do it in parts, it’s still gonna be a huge one. So I’d rather mention the ones that I most adore

Up next is Karishma Mehta who’s collection Serene has been inspired by the Modern Woman. Her destination bride collection will showcase various designs for the bride. 

I’ll take a pause here, but I’lll be back with another set of designers who will completely astonish you with their magic. Ciao for now. 

Note- My professional photography site is a work in Progress

Winter is here and so are a lot of events

Hello there, the past 3 or so days have been hectic.from one event to another. And IBFW got me tired the most. but im still trying as much as possible to complete the tasks at hand. Soon after Oktoberfest, IBFW happened. Days are just slipping by. leaving me hardly anytime to edit/ work on my blog posts. So rest assured, interesting reads and photos are on their way.

Its just that IBFW kept me busy and some other stuff. And with all that swift movements my muscles have started aching. im gonna include exercises in my regime here on. Please be patient as i curate my next blog post about IBFW. It is going to be worth wait. take my word for it. Until then, keep clicking , keep blogging, keep smiling, stay blessed. muah

Verma D’mello, Goan Female- International Designer.

Yes, that’s who she is. Verma D’mello is one of the most humble, down to earth Goan- International Fashion Designer I know. Maturity, wisdom are among the fine traits she possesses. Her wedding gown designs are nonetheless Elegant to the T. 

I got the opportunity to meet her when I was at a Model hunt fiasco clicking away at the event. This woman has come along way, from being told that she wouldn’t make it to the top without designing anything that would reveal some skin to actually reaching and touching those heights without compromising on her principles. I’m proud of having a Goan who wouldn’t compromise to reach the top. 

Because this Industry (Fashion and films alike) is known to have people who mix work and sex. And no, I’m not ashamed to say that. Enough of the taboo nonsense. 

Verma for one did not let that happen and still goes on to advicing and inspiring upcoming talents

Oktoberfest 2017 baby!-Part ii

Sorry for the late post. Net wasn’t fast enough

On the 22nd October I went to another venue where Oktoberfest was happening on a bigger scale via Bullseye entertainment ltd. 

A vendor

A goan beach poster
A performer
One of the eatery stalls
A performance
Looks a lot like Christmas

Lot of stalls were put up. There were a few eataries, beer stalls, and a handful of jewelry stalls and the place had a grand entrance

I actually went there because of the Fashion Show that I learnt was happening there. So I went there a little earlier. That’s just me. If I’m excited about something I will reach there half an earlier then the actual time. 

And then there was also a stand-up comedian, Nitin Mirani who is a handsome guy that can make anyone laugh on the spot. Like seriously, any topic you throw at him, he has the ability to make it hilarious.Guys are very own Indian comedian, Nitin Mirani

Nitin Mirani

I’ll keep the Fashion Show section for another post….  Watch out for Verma D’mellos Wedding gown collection in the next post…… Until then keep clicking blogging, keep smiling. Muah